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Online language courses

Language learners constantly require new forms of online courses with the changed working environments, depending on their home office and distance learning opportunities.

Among our motivational methods, backed up by technology and flexibility, each organization may find the solution that best suits them. Our teachers have experience in online education and our language school ensures they have all the methodological and professional support they need.

Online speaking lessons

Our lessons are useful and lively occasions that are great for practicing real-life workplace scenarios. They offer a truly inspiring opportunity to gain confidence for speaking the foreign language. Popular applications like Skype, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or even Messenger can provide stable grounds for this.

Our online lessons are just as effective as real-life ones. In fact, the power of technological innovation already helps us gain the attention of the students. It also enables scheduling our lessons with much greater flexibility, and offers a superb opportunity to develop great skills for listening comprehension, and even video and conference calls.

Business E-learning

We offer over 50 language units in Business English and sector-specific terminology. Each of these modules aim to expand vocabulary, teach new phrases, and help the student advance their language level while focusing on practical tasks and listening comprehension, instead of just grammar.

Visit our self-developed e-learning website, Words at Work!
Words at Work is perfect for seamless integration into corporate trainings, offering numerous tools to your HR department to monitor the students’ progress. Check out our free demo!


Blended learning

Our students learn independently using our e-learning system, while being supported and motivated by the online presence of a real teacher, and being given useful communication practice tasks.

We use our own, self-developed e-learning system to educate online. This system is called Words at Work, or “waw” for short. Waw courses are focused on broadening the students’ vocabulary, improving their listening and reading comprehension skills. Many Waw topics are available including business language, sector-specific terminology and everyday skill development. One Waw course is equivalent to twenty hours of studying, and is complete with 2-3 flexibly scheduled online speaking lesson.


We recommend using our E-Classroom to anyone who is unable to regularly attend Skype, Zoom, or other online language classes due to technical or other issues, and would rather study at their own pace, using the digital curriculum sent by their teacher.

The E-Classroom course – which is suitable for single persons as well as groups – starts by creating the classroom itself, where the teacher uploads the curriculum and the homework with its key. The teacher also uploads packages containing videos, reading materials, creative homework and articles with which the students can work. The teacher then evaluates their work, shares a professional opinion and compiles the next material. One online speaking class per month via Skype or another online interface is also included.

Rapid’21 online

Our 21-hour speaking skills development training is greatly recommended for anyone who’s looking to gain or regain their abilities to speak with confidence, to refresh their vocabulary and skills that may have faded over time, to preserve and even further improve their existing knowledge, to drastically and quickly improve their speaking skills, and also to those who cannot commit to a longer course.

The trainings utilize unique situational practice tasks and training games, instead of textbooks, to break through the barriers and give the students the skill of confident speaking, expand their vocabulary, and encourage them to speak in the foreign language. More details in the Trainings menu.

Language training online

Our trainings are characterised by their dynamic and lively lessons, complete with a wide variety of topics, games, simulations and other addition. Their methodology is tailored for being held online on applications like Skype, Zoom, Webex and more.

We motivate our adult students with tailor-made content, business topics and realistic work situations. Each language training consists of three 1.5 hour-long sessions. We keep up with today’s ever-developing technology offering topics like the language of video calls and meetings, presentations and negotiations, customer service and call center calls, and assertive online communication. More details and exact dates in the Trainings menu.


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