Structure of online trainings

Structure of online trainings

We have reformed our already proven language trainings into online trainings, which has managed to reach stellar popularity. People like it due to its flexibility, interactivity, and made even more exciting by using modern day technology.

  • Before, 90% of our language courses were conforming to a face-to-face, classroom format. Now, 90% of all students learn from home in single-person or group courses.
  • Our digital and online language education together form a complex system, and covers all the proven steps of traditional education, making the process of training and keeping contact even better documented and clear for every participant and the HR department as well.
  • Before the training starts, we create a Classroom and we share the main points of the training, the curriculum, the collection of phrases and useful links with the students. Trainings are held in 1.5-2 hours long blocks, totalling up to 3-7 occasions. The first one, tuning in, is focused on getting accustomed, setting goals, establishing rules and group dynamics, going over phrases and practicing them playfully and diversely. The second occasion, learning, consists of taking in the newfound knowledge working in pairs or groups in a breakout room, with videos and applications, interactive measurement and real-life business situations. The last occasion, control, focuses on repeating what's been taught through situations. Then feedback is given by both as a group and the individual participants, and setting the path for further development curriculum.
  • Proof of attendance must be given on an attendance sheet, and screenshots are also made in the beginning and the end of each lesson.
  • Online forms of training are not only motivating, but they provide a feeling of community, strengthening company loyalty and the company's brand.
Structure of online trainings

Other elements of our digital and online courses

Our online language lessons are available for individuals as well as groups. Our online training methodology is just as effective as that of real-life lessons. In fact, because of today’s technological advancements, it easily grabs the attention of the students. We offer interactive, tailor-made lessons using Zoom, Skype, Teams, Messenger and other online services.

Our own-developed e-learning system, Words at Work enables participants to study individually. Courses are short, user-friendly, and focused on vocabulary and hearing comprehension. Each lesson teaches 8 words, phrases or idioms, and gives tasks which are immediately evaluated. With a range of HR admin tools, it’s immensely useful for corporate trainings. Students can freely browse our wide selection of business language, skills development, everyday life, and professional terminology lessons as well.

Complementing an e-learning course with online speaking lessons is a great way to make learning more exciting and colourful, and we call it blended learning. On the speaking lessons, the students get the opportunity to put what they’ve learned online to use in practice. Our e-learning system is Words at Work. Typically 1 or 2 speaking lessons are added to an online course, scheduled bi-weekly or monthly.

E-classroom is a form of individual learning where a teacher compiles the curriculum based on the goal of the course and the level of the students. The e-package contains videos, articles, texts and creative homework, and is uploaded to an online site where individual students or student groups can reach them along with the teacher’s notes and tips. The teacher examines and evaluates everything the students work on at home, and sets the next step forward in learning. This is complemented with an online speaking lesson once a month.

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