Rapid’21 online

Rapid’21 online

  • Our 21-hour speaking skills development training is greatly recommended for anyone who's looking to gain or regain their abilities to speak with confidence, to refresh their vocabulary and skills that may have faded over time, to preserve and even further improve their existing knowledge, to drastically and quickly improve their speaking skills, and also to those who cannot commit to a longer course.
  • Our trainings' mega-lessons have a coaching-like, playful approach, made colourful and complete by videos. They offer an exclusive opportunity to break through any inhibitions of speech. Our self-developed training materials are available in five topics.
  • Using interesting topics on the training motivates the participants to speak their minds, express their opinions. To make this a reality, they are enriched with a constantly expanding vocabulary. Besides improving speaking skills, listening and reading comprehension skills also play a role.
  • Thanks to our coaching-like training courses, participants' communicational strategies are greatly enhanced. With more combinations of words, useful phrases, and the ability to describe unknown word, students will speak with greater confidence.
  • Trainings are held for corporate groups, ideally 4-6 people. The schedule is adapted to the participants' time. We begin with a placement test to assess everyone's levels and form the groups accordingly.
Rapid’21 online

Thematics, topics

Our ‘Speak’ trainings are focused on general speaking skills. The training consists on 7 occasions of 3×45 minutes online using Zoom.

Introducing Yourself
Planning your Life
The World of Work,
Work-life balance, Motivation at work
My Communication
Paradigm Shift Changing paradigm. Coping with life’s trouble.
Culture Shock Strange habits of different cultures.

The ‘Win’ trainings focus on the development of business language skills. The training consists on 7 occasions of 3×45 minutes online using Zoom.

Communicating Clearly
Managing Time
Motivating People
Managing Meetings
Presenting Successfully
Negotiating Successfully
Burn Out

Our ‘Travel’ trainings are focused on speaking skills build on the topics of traveling. The training consists on 7 occasions of 3×45 minutes online using Zoom.

The Image of Travelling Coping with the 5 deadly travel fears.
Flying high General guidance on flying game. Airline anecdotes.
Survivors Comfort vs panic zone. Surviving tips.
Working Abroad Getting an extraordinary job abroad. Moving abroad advice.
When Travel Stuff Gets Weird Accommodation abroad.
Solving Problems Abroad Common diseases abroad. Going to the doctor abroad. Lost luggage.
Welcome to Hungary Representing a travel agency and offering trips. Common Hungarian stereotypes. Eating out.

‘Lead’ trainings focus on developing speaking skills for leaders. The training consists on 7 occasions of 3×45 minutes online using Zoom.

Manager or leader?
Situational leadership
Motivation, teamwork
Delegation by coaching
Effective communication in management

The ‘Start’ trainings are great for beginners or restarters. It provides good momentum to start learning, a “survival package” and useful panel sentences for confident speaking. The training consists on 7 occasions of 3×45 minutes online using Zoom.

Introducing Yourself
Family, work, weather
On the street
Welcome, visitors
Situations, closing

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