Open online language trainings

Open online language trainings


Tréningnap témája
2020. 09. 28.
Dates of our 3-part training: Sep. 28., 30 and okt.2., 9.15-11.25, on Zoom. Useful words and phrases for negotiations, discussions and meetings through practical examples, so that English-speaking discussions will go smoothly.
2020. 10. 12.
Dates of our 3-part training: Oct 12., 14. and 16., 9.15-11.25, on Zoom. We're teaching useful panels and conjunctive phrases for the language of presentations so that you won't have to worry about presenting in English.
2020. 11. 09.
Start speaking
Dates of our 3-part training: Nov 9., 11. and 13., 9.15-11.25, on Zoom. This training will be the most useful for those who don't yet have the courage to speak in English. To encourage confident speaking, we teach useful phrases which will surely boost everyone's self-confidence.
2020. 11. 23.
Arguing for and against
Dates of our 3-part training: Nov 23., 25. and 27., 9.15-11.25, on Zoom. Arguing, expressing opinions, even debating are parts of our everyday life. How should we do it well in English? Obtain routine and useful phrases on this training.
  • The efficiency of our work, our daily levels of stress and motivation is largely depending on how we use the language in certain situations. Are we able to speak with confidence and respond with ease? Do we have any language panels which make it easier to speak? Are we able to quickly recall the schemes we've practiced before when it comes to writing a report or email, or giving a presentation? Can we still take notes effectively when a meeting has been going on for two hours?
  • Language trainings are an exclusive opportunity for those who do not need or are not able to commit to a long language course, but still feel the need to retain their level and refresh their knowledge, develop their speaking skills, broaden their vocabulary and practice.
  • Our language trainings give a lightning-fast boost of confidence with only a little investment of time.
  • Our trainings, which are 100% built on practical tasks, consist of 3 units. The trainings lessons are held in three days in quick succession and they progressively build on one another. This intensity and the opportunity for repeated learning ensure the effective retention of what's been taught.
  • Before starting the training itself, participants' levels are assessed through a short phone call at a scheduled time. These placement tests also aim to create a safe language environment by grouping people with similar levels together.
  • The training is held by an experienced language trainer, who shares the curriculum with the participants prior to the training itself, so that they can familiarise themselves with it. We lead the trainings with a coaching-like, confidence boosting approach.
  • Online spaces such as Zoom make it possible to use all the methodological elements of teaching needed for a diversified and and motivating training. Participants can see and hear each other and take part in the training interactively. Trainings are held in groups with the expected size of 4-6 people.
Open online language trainings


  • Helyszín: Zoom online space
  • Időtartam: 3x1,5 hours
  • Részvételi díj: base price 28.000 Ft/prs/training
  • Kedvezmények:
    • For our partners: 19.900 Ft/prs/training
    • Two people applying from the same company: 19.900 Ft/prs/training
    • If a participants applies to two trainings: 19.900 Ft/prs/training
  • Kupon beváltás:

    You may redeem your coupon on the application form. In case of a discount coupon, the amounts of discount add up. (Example: for our partners a 50% off coupon means a price of 9950 HUF/prs.)

  • Az ár tartalmazza:

    The price includfes the prior placement test, the programme leading of an experienced language trainer, full-fledged organisation and information, unique training notes and phrase collection, and a satisfaction survey.

  • Lemondás:

    Cancellation: You may cancel the training up to three days before the training would have started. We recommend passing the training on to someone else if you need to cancel within three days. You can request a cancellation in writing to Juventus’ organiser colleagues. In case of a cancellation within three days, we are unable to refund the price.


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