Language training online

  • Are we able to speak with confidence and respond with ease? Do we have any language panels which make it easier to speak? Are we able to quickly recall the schemes we've practiced before when it comes to writing a report or email, or giving a presentation?
  • Lightning-fast advancement and a boost of self-confidence can be achieved on our trainings, which are 100% built on practice, live workplace situations and business simulations.
  • On trainings we work exclusively on practicing real situations and making them a routine task, while integrating company-specific vocabulary and useful panel phrases into the training.
  • We keep up with today's ever-developing technology offering online communication topics like the language of video calls and meetings, presentations and negotiations through the screen, customer service and call center calls in home office.
  • Trainings are lead by experienced language trainers, who give diversified, tasks that act as memory hooks.
  • We recommend group sizes of 3-6 people, using the online application Zoom.
Language training online


“I can attend the training from home, comfortably, just by clicking a link. It’s refreshing to break out of the home office, and use interactive applications for learning. The teacher tends to me and helps me learn just as if we met in real life.”

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