Measurement and effectiveness

Measurement and effectiveness

Regular measurement, the objective feedback of progress has a major role in our training process. We consider a training successful only if our partners also consider the return on the investment beneficial.

The five points of our uniform evaluation system contain up-to-date information for our partners about trainings and individual improvement.

  • Level and needs assessment: The starting point of our every course is the free online assessment of levels and needs. Our online test provides reliable placement in 9 languages, then our oral assessment (even online or over the phone) is not only pinpointing the level of the speaker but also their needs, expectations, goals, and dates.
  • Final module exam: participants take a written and oral exam, and can proceed to the next level with a 60% or better result.
  • Final level exam: after 120-160 lessons, students are expected to advance to the next level. This is measured in oral and written forms.
  • Satisfaction measurement: module by module we survey how satisfied the participants are with their teacher's work and their own performance. We talk these results over with the HR department.
  • Report: we provide individual reviews of each course, which will show attendance, cancellations, and progress by skill. Most of the time this is done through a performance reviewing meeting with the HR department.
Measurement and effectiveness

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