HR solutions

HR solutions

We offer a full-fledged array of free or discount-priced services to our partners, with which we take over all tasks from placement tests through communication to result measurement. We constantly integrate everything that we’ve experienced during the past 25 years of experience into our HR support solutions, so that the investment made by our partners will be most effective and rewarding.

  • We offer a dedicated organiser for each of our programmes, who, as an extended right hand of the company's HR associate, can manage most of the organisation work there is to do, and provide detailed and reliable statistics on a regular basic. In most cases we use shared spreadsheets which enables immediate and parallel work with our HR partners.
  • Associates of our partners can attend our Live English lessons free of charge, which are held in a private Facebook group by a native speaking trainer, on business topics. The exact topics and dates are published on Juventus' Facebook page.
  • Partners can attend our open language trainings at a discount price, which yield breakthrough results in developing speaking skills. These trainings can even be attended by a single person or for a single day, making it a very cost-effective language solution and an extension to language courses.
  • We participate in our partners' translation and interpretation process, knowing their company-specific language and their needs well. We're ready available for the HR team or other fields on a short deadline and at a discounted price.
HR solutions

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