Comprehensive organization, HR solutions

Comprehensive organization, HR solutions

Our organising colleagues will support your HR department with expertise, experience, and constant attention, while upholding deadlines punctually. Fast and effective problem solving is a key element, just like the constant provision of information, and forming and maintaining good contact.

  • Precise organisation of courses from the preparations to the finish. Our up-to-date database and shared attendance sheet is readily available in any situation.
  • We help the work of your HR department by documenting competition and professional training programmes, and the provision of licensed lingual and training programmes.
  • Let's think together! When it comes to designing a new training concept, we have many best practices up our sleeves. We gladly partake in creating a language policy, training framework, innovative solutions or even cost-reducing projects.
  • For screening and selection, we recommend our online placement test, available in 9 languages, and it's perfectly suitable for pre-screening new positions.
  • We offer solutions for any lingual needs. Besides our courses and trainings, request a quote for interpretation, translation, revision or accompanying conferences.
Comprehensive organization, HR solutions

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