Soft skills courses

Soft skills courses

We owe business successes to seven main skills. Everyone uses these language skills daily. The efficiency of our work, our daily levels of stress and motivation largely depends on how we use the language in certain situations. Are we able to speak with confidence and respond with ease? Do we have any language panels which make it easier to speak? Are we able to quickly recall the schemes we’ve practiced before when it comes to writing a report or email, or giving a presentation? Can we still make notes effectively when a meeting has been going on for two hours? Can we do small talk about everyday topics with foreign language speakers?

  • We use unique and targeted courses to liven up skills at work. A completely practice-oriented language course makes the newfound knowledge immediately usable for the students through teaching useful phrases, panel sentences and situational practice.
  • Each topic is taught in a block of 40 lessons at the requested intensity on site, in English, German or French.
  • No matter what level a student is on, they will need to communicate. Therefore, we recommend it to everyone regardless of their current level. There are situations where responding is a necessity, no matter how broad our vocabulary, or how good our grammar is. Therefore, we can already start livening up the process of studying with sections designed for speech improvement.
  • By practicing diversified and lifelike situations, we tackle the obstacles of speaking. This results in a dramatic improvement of speaking skills, and a boost of confidence.
  • We start our courses by thoroughly assessing the needs of the partner and the current level of the students. Our teachers then tailor the thematics of the course to the results of this, and forms the situational tasks to fit the students' jobs.
Soft skills courses


The phrase “Soft skills” might remind many of trainings. Now, we’re offering a whole language course on soft skills! We recommend it to anyone who cannot commit to spending full days with trainings but still want to gain knowledge and confidence in key business and work topics. It teaches how to express your opinion or disagreement politely and respectfully, how to word opening statements, move on to a different topic or return to a previous one, and to summarize and conclude what was said. A collection of phrases will always be handy if you need a useful cheat sheet.

Who am I presenting to? What’s my goal? How much time do I have? How do I begin the presentation effectively? How do I make boring data seem interesting? How do I bring the presentation to a memorable conclusion? How do I deal with embarrassing questions? Our course helps answer these important questions by providing real opportunities to present, and giving useful panel sentences to practice.

Telephoning is a subject that’s easy to define and rewarding to learn. Greetings, questions problem solving, leaving and giving messages, and various customer service tasks are part of many people’s daily routines. From beginner to intermediate levels, it’s worth polishing our telephone vocabulary from time to time, so that not only our correct sentences, but our smile inside can also be heard on the other end of the line.

It teaches to express feelings, thoughts, interests and concerns in a confident and nuanced manner, while respecting the other party’s interests. The goal of this course is to improve the ability to solve difficult communication situations.

Writing emails, memos, reports and offers in an appropriate style and tone, while respecting any cultural differences is a cornerstone of efficiency at work. We provide participants with a useful collection of phrases and template sentences, lots of opportunities to practice, and great ideas for improvement. Optionally, grammar refreshing classes can also be included in the course.

In this course, students can practice many panel sentences in a most broad variety of everyday conversation situations from talking about the weather through cars to the smorgasbord. We can’t let small talk stand in the way of confidence and business success, so we use playful practical tasks to dissolve any inhibitions.

Our work environments are constantly exposed to globalisation. Therefore, learning and recognising cultural and lingual differences has became a key necessity. The course aims to teach how to simply and politely express what we have to say with sophisticated phrases, and use our sense of humor in a way that’s appropriate for everyone in the presence in colleagues of different cultures.

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