Level-advancing course with general language

Level-advancing course with general language

Our level advancing courses improve the four language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension) in order to enable the students to gain a measurable advancement in their language skills, stepping them up to the next level. Their initial level is measured by our online placement test which provides them with immediate feedback of their level of each skill, also revealing which areas have the most room for improvement and setting a goal.

  • Lessons have a diversified structure. We take our students' interests into consideration when choosing the topic of the lesson, which is a key element of retaining motivation and activity in the class. Our teachers do their best to communicate exclusively in the foreign language.
  • Homework is an important issue for many. Should, or should not we give any homework to adults? We do not insist on either. Instead, we take into account the abilities and requests of our students. Our goal is to form a partnership, increasing the students' responsibility.
  • The optimal intensity of a course is two 2-hour sessions a week for each group, with 45-minute lessons. We also offer sessions with 60-minute long lessons, but these are only recommended for single person courses or for groups of very limited numbers. This way, everyone will have the needed attention and time to practice speaking.
  • End-of-module tests are taken after every 40 lessons. They give useful feedback to the students, teachers, and HR associates alike. It reveals which areas to improve, which areas need more practice, and which areas can we advance faster.
  • In general, 120-160 lessons are necessary to complete a language level. We ascertain the level advancement after 120 lessons using an objective end-of-level exam.
Level-advancing course with general language

Thematics, topics

Level 1: The student is able to use common, everyday phrases, can use and understand simple sentences. They can introduce themself or otheres, and ask and answer basic questions – e.g. about places of residence, relationships and objects.

Level 2: The student can understand commonly used phrases about a person, families, shopping, work and the speaker’s direct environment. They can make themself understood in simple routine situations, can report about things related to everyday life.

Level 3: When using general language, the student understands the main points of common topics. They can express their thoughts coherently in topics that are well-known, or is related to their personal interests. They can share their experiences, report about past events, talk about goals and plans, and express their opinion about or add their own thoughts to others’ views.

Level 4: The student can understand the key elements of texts of both concrete and abstract topics. They can get around content related to their area of profession, and have no trouble communicating fluently and independently even with a native speaker. They can express themself clearly and in detail, and they can talk about pros and cons when facing a problem or dilemma.

Level 5: The student can understand long and linguistically complex texts, and recognises hidden and nuanced meanings. They are capable of coherent expression without stopping to think about what words to use. They use the language flexibly and efficiently in social, workplace and even educational situations. Their communication is coherent, structured and detailed even about complex linguistic topics.

Base syllabi for English: the Language Leader, Life style, Cutting Edge textbook families

Base syllabi for other languages: Menschen, Begegnungen / Erkundungen (German), Alter Ego, France Euro Express (French), Progetto Italiano (Italian), Sag za Sagom (Russian), Lépésenként magyarul (Hungarian)

Feel free to request a quote for any other language as well. Our excellent teachers are available for teaching any language.

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