Innovative courses

Innovative courses

Like so many things around us, the needs for language learning are also ever-changing. Students are wishing for short and useful lessons backed by innovative technology and flexibility, motivation and up-to-date knowledge, while organisations are wishing for constant innovation and sensible costs.

Our constantly changing environment has motivated us to be able to innovate and offer creative educational solutions to our partners. Based on the emerging corporate needs, we have compiled an innovative educational palette. The ability to always innovate is very important to us.

Our courses are conceived based on these thoughts:
We want to give the opportunity to join our courses for those people who can’t commit to attending weekly lessons. We also want to use short and targeted content to give useful knowledge that is an immediate help to our students. We apply and adapt to today’s technological trends, so that everyone from Generation X to Z can learn in the most motivating way and find their own memory hooks.

  • We recommend single-person courses to people whose goal isn't systematic learning, but rather fast results, focused content, and speaking with confidence and routine.
  • They can also be the solution if certain colleagues cannot join the students' group due to the nature or location of their job, but it's still imperative to keep and improve their level of language use and speaking.
  • At workplaces, it is becoming more and more common that for different generations, (X, Y, Z) different methods of education prove to be efficient and motivating. By integrating applications and e-learning, even new generations can find language learning to be motivating. Trainings, workshops, native speaking clubs are collective and unique solutions suited for every generation.
Innovative courses

Thematics, topics

We recommend learning through Skype or Zoom to people for whom the flexibility of the schedule and the location is important. It is also recommended if extra lessons are needed, an uncommon language must be taught, or the student is in a remote location. Online lessons are also a more cost-efficient way of language education. We have tested it, and it has worked for many! Complementary speaking lessons for e-learning are also often held online, making independent online learning motivating and sustainable.

Language courses can be made even more effective by integrating corporate jargon, key phrases, and commonly occurring speaking situations into the process of language learning. We do this with lots of prior experience and quite special references. With this extra step, the investment spent on education will surely be rewarding, since associates will gain knowledge that’s specially crafted to be useful at their jobs.

Native-speaking club meetings are occasions where the company associates can practice using the language in a native-speaking environment. Our key goal is to create this environment lead by a native-speaking teacher, using only the foreign language with authentic pronounciation, cultural background information and interesting facts. Everyone gets to take part in our playful training games. These club meetings consist of 1×3 45-minute lessons, with any desired intervals in between. It is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Today we can choose from countless free language learning mobile applications. We have tested many of them, selected the best ones and now we’re offering special courses where the teacher guides the student and completes their learning from the app with speaking lessons, while the app dictates the thematics of the lessons. We make use of our time – such technical advancements can be used during travelling, holidays, or even free hours at night, making way for the needs of Generations Y and Z.

One of the most effective methods of developing hearing comprehension and speaking skills is watching movies and shows in a foreign language. Many people claim to not have the patience or ambition to do so. We will help watching movies and understanding foreign text to become a routine task. We assort episodes and scenes from well-known movies and TV shows, watch them all together, then discuss them, repeat the things we heard, and in the meantime we make the participants realise that it’s not necessary to understand every single word in order to understand the core meaning of something. It’s a huge step towards getting familiar with the language and developing hearing comprehension skills independently at home! Each occasion lasts 1.5 hour, scheduled bi-weekly or monthly. It’s also great for team building! General levels: B1-B2.

Can you manage 10 minutes of studying a week? An exceptional advantage of Facebook is the possibility of private online communication between the members of a community. Juventus’ students form a small community and sign up to our live-class private group where they can learn the most useful phrases and anglicisms from our headteachers and native speaker colleagues. These live lessons take only 10 minutes which is just enough to keep the student’s level steady, give them interesting things and keep them busy with the language even if they don’t want to attend a full language course. There are many topics on our live lessons, such as presentations, negotiations, suggestions, small talk in business, and so on. The useful phrases can also be downloaded, and the students are given the opportunity to make suggestions about topics.

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