Business language courses

Business language courses

Our business language courses aim to develop the use of language that is best suited to the company’s profile and the jobs of the working students. Participants are taught panels of speech that are useful for their work as they make their way towards gaining fluent business language skills, and confidence and courage to speak with ease. We complete teaching from our fine selection of business textbooks with numerous playful and experience-orinted tasks and games, keeping lessons motivating and diversified, and the knowledge gained long-lasting. As we utilize methods of teaching through experience, students will have to study a little time at home as well. While direct teaching of grammar is not the main focus of our business courses, we don’t consider it to be marginal. We improve grammar with tasks integrated into the courses.

  • In order to keep our content focused and related to work or business, we utilize motivating real-life business situations to liven up our topics.
  • The courses are almost completely in the target language even on A2 level. Even the warm-up tasks are already in workplace topics.
  • We know very well that day-to-day work situations are easily memorised. That's why the courses are oriented towards situational practice.
  • The effectiveness of the courses are greatly influenced by careful preparation. We flexibly adapt the dates and times, the intensity, the topics and the number of lessons to the corporate training rules.
  • Our well-educated and experienced teachers' preparation is supported by libraries, online sites about methodology, professional teacher consultations and development courses.
Business language courses

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Our efficiency at the workplace largely depends on how comfortable we are in a foreign language situation. Do such communications cause stress, or rather a sense of accomplishment?

Recommended for students on level A2 through C1. Key areas are speaking in the office, assertive expression of opinions, keeping in contact with colleagues and customers, interjections, questions, suggestions, small talk, effective negotiations and presentations, reporting, manager summarizations, and conversing about today’s financial topics.Our base English syllabi: Key Notes, Business Partner, Intelligent Business, and the Market Leader family of textbooks.
Base syllabi for other languages: Unternehmen und Wirtschaft Deutsch (German), Le Francais des affairs (French), Azienda Italia (Italian), Delaviye Kontakty (Russian), Hungaro Lingua (Hungarian).

Feel free to request a quote for any other language as well. Our excellent teachers are available for teaching any language.

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