The primary goal of our unique language e-learning system is to expand and improve the grammar and language skills needed for business and used at work. We offer a wide array of English e-learning courses to choose from based on the set goals and levels. With short courses, diversified tasks and an easy to use interface we support the motivation and persistence of our students.

Visit our E-Learning site, Words at Work!
Words at Work is perfect for seamless integration into corporate trainings, offering numerous HR admin and test tools to your HR department to monitor the students’ progress.
In our blended courses, we use our e-learning system and our live speaking lessons together to maximize effectiveness. Words at Work offers speaking lessons to individual students as well as company groups.

General Qualities

  • Business language modules from levels A2 through C1, from re-starters to advanced language users, complete with diversified business topics and authentic listening materials.
  • A wide array of modules for skills at work, from presentations through negotiations to telephoning.
  • We can cater to almost any need to practice sector-specific terminology, such as HR, finance, logistics, marketing or commerce.
  • We can construct a complete Study Plan of modules, taking into consideration the goals of learning and the levels of the students, on your request.
General Qualities
  • The first step of E-Learning is completing our placement test which gives immediate, detailed results.
  • Our courses are short and easy to complete, and our E-Learning site is ready for use on just about any device including phones and tablets.
  • Every course aims to expand vocabulary and teach new phrases, while advancing the students' level of language use based on reading texts, without targeted grammar tasks.
  • Besides English, our courses are also available in Hungarian, German and Russian on levels A2 through B1.

HR administrative tools

  • Online placement: The first step of the course is completing our placement tests which provide up-to-date, detailed results which the HR associates can list and export to a file. Our system makes it possible to assemble virtual learning groups out of students who are on a similar level and chose the same courses, enabling them to learn in groups instead of just individually.
  • Monitoring: As an HR administrator, you are empowered to closely follow the work and the achievements of the assembled student groups and individual users alike. You can view the statistics online, or export them to a spreadsheet file with a single click.
  • Keeping in touch: With an HR administrator account, you can send direct messages to the people in your organisation who are using our E-Learning system. This enables you to directly ask about things like a less successful test result or not logging in often enough, and also congratulate them on their achievements.
  • More: With administrative rights you may sign up an unlimited number of users for the placement test, for example if you have a candidate selection process of a greater magnitude. The results can of course be viewed and downloaded immediately upon completing the test.

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