Quality assurance

For us, quality means the satisfaction of our customers, students and colleagues. Our education process is in accordance with our quality management system based on our well-established practice and customer needs. Our exceptional level of expertise, high quality and full compliance to the Adult Education Act is certified by an official license (E/2020/000322).
Quality policy

  • We strive to be a key partner to organisations across Hungary and Europe with our complex educational services tailored to their needs.
  • Amongst our main goals is getting to know the learning routines and habits of our customers, while providing useful and marketable knowledge to key players on the market.
  • It is our mission to provide and constantly improve our high quality service of adult education, with courses supported by precise organisation and preparation work, up-to-date methodology, persistent analysis of results, and feedback to the students. We are working hard to provide this to our customers while flexibly adapting to environmental impacts and changes.
  • Our professional solutions aim to meet the challenges and quality standards of the future both in the European Union’s education policy directives and in the field of information and communication.
  • Every colleague and teacher of Juventus Language Group is equally responsible for quality. Therefore, the company does its best to provide them with constant information and opportunities for self-development, bettering their own personal competencies and our process of education.


A license of adult education is a guarantee of quality.

  • Certifies reliable and stable operation.
  • Certifies an excellent team of teachers and a committed Educational Institution.
  • Certifies profcient administration of adult education
  • Certifies full compliance to KPIs
  • Certifies accountability for tenders and professional education
Customer Care
Feel free to give us feedback!

  • in person in the Juventus office (1117 Budapest, Karinthy F. út 13. III/4., Mon-Thu: 8.00-16.00 or Fri: 8.00-14.00)
  • on our central phone line (+36 1 951 0470)
  • at our course organisers on their mobile numbers and in the office
  • in mail or e-mail (info@juve.hu)
  • directly to the headteacher or the course leader.

Is every remark a complaint? 

  • We would like to emphasise that not every remark counts as a complaint. We are happy to receive any feedback and will immediately work on the subject matter. We are glad to answer any incoming questions, remarks, suggestions and opinions because it only adds to our experience, helps us see the way towards further development and gives us directions to change.
  • If you feel dissatisfied, the training is not going as planned, or have any complaints about our service, we will look into the issue and give suggestions to resolve it.   
  • Complaints will be addressed and resolved by our colleague whose area it fits best, e.g. the course organiser, course leader or CEO.
  • We take into consideration any opinions, remarks, requests and suggestions given by all parties involved. We try to resolve issues in a way that will serve the long term satisfaction of our partner, student and our Institution alike.
  • Parties involved will be notified in writing within 48 hours about the suggested steps to resolve an issue.


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